Sunday, December 4, 2022

Kannada Movie Review: GamdhadaGudi

Very Good Movie.  


Positive Points:  

*) A Beautiful Movie.  Because, this Movie is about ( to Save ) Nature.  

*) This Movie is a real Gift from Director AmoghaVarsha (pronunciation AmoaghaVarsha), for Hero Dr. Puneet RajaKumar fans. 

Instead of saying this Movie as a Puneet last Movie;  we can say that Puneet is always with his Fans, through this Movie.  When we watch this Movie, we feel that he is with us; and also he is talking to us.  

In this Movie, he appears as a very simple Common-Man.  

He tells many good practices for the People.  

He shows his Father Dr. Rajakumar's hometown; and also tells about his Father's Holiday activities.  

He tells about his past Movie-experience with Animals.  

It's really greatness of Puneet for accepting to make this kind of a Movie.  

This Movie also tells about the Forest-Guards and their hard-work.  

*) Cinematography is simply wonderful.  It's a pure non-graphical Movie.  Human-made reality Movie.    

*) Editing is a challenging task for these kind of Movies.  It is taken care nicely.    

*) This Movie specifies the Director's Love towards Wild-Photography and Humanity.  Because, there are no hunting scenes (even between Animals also).  

With this Movie, he has created an awareness in the People, while Traveling in Forest and Ocean; and also given precautions to save Nature, Birds, and Animals, by taking necessary Care.  

His hard-work (in this Movie) may improve Tourism in Karnataka.    

In our Nation BHARAT, each State is having excellent and unique locations, those may add Beauty to the Movies.  

*) My Mother-tongue is TELUGU.  I know KANNADA basics.  We got screen-titles (in ENGLISH) while watching this Movie.  It helped me a lot, to understand the Dialogues and Lyrics easily. 

*  KANNADA GamdhadaGudi*  TELUGU GamdhapuGudi*  ENGLISH Sandalwood-Temple*

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

A Story :: About My First Student. : When our Lecturer became my first Student.

About My First Student.

When our Lecturer became my first Student.

 1997 (July – November)


In 1992-95, I have done my Graduation BSc Degree in the SCh College, Maddirala.  In this College, Prof. Phaniraj K V was a Lecturer for Electronics Subject.  He was one of the best Lecturer in this College, and also a great Adviser. 


After my BSc Degree study, I went to the RVR & JC College of Engineering, Guntur; for studying MCA (1995-98).  I was in contact with our Lecturer Prof. Phaniraj; and met him frequently, during my College Holidays.    

He took Library Books in his Account from the SCh College; and given to me for Study.  In this way, he had helped me many times, during my MCA Study. 


Prof. Phaniraj is having a habit of reading Books, other than his teaching Subject Electronics; during College Holidays.  


In 1997, during my MCA Final Year, Prof. Phaniraj asked me, as “Are you familiar in the C-Language ?”.  Then, I said “We are very good in understanding the C-Language, because of our Computer Science Subject Lecturer Prof. MadhaveeLata.”.  Then he said “Can you explain C-Language for me ?”.  It indicates his simplicity and learning hobby.  Then I smiled by listening to his request, and felt very happy.  I said “Sure Sir.  It’s a great opportunity for me”. 

We have selected certain Days and Time, for the Classes; based on our (both) Time availability in Holidays. 


: 1st Day : 1st Class : 1st Student :

I have gone through the C-Language Text Book, and ready for the Class. 

I went to Prof. Phaniraj Home, to give the Class. 

It was a 1st Class for me as a Teacher; and our great Lecturer was my 1st Student. 

He was ready for the Class, with a Text Book and a Note Book; and made simple arrangements (Chairs, Table, and few white Papers). 

I took the Text Book; and started explaining the Topics.  He took the Note Book; and noting the important Points.  I have given explanation, on white Papers; whenever required. 

It was really a great feeling for me; as I was able to give a Class to a Person, who is elder than me and also great Lecturer.    

On completion of each Topic, I asked him, for the Questions.  Then, he mentioned his Questions. 

During the Classes, I have observed that he has already read the Text Book earlier.  But he has listened to me carefully, and just asked me the Questions related to the blanks (in Subject understanding).    

By understanding his Questions, I have given him a simple Example: Making a Product from One-to-Many in Electronics (Subject point-of-view), is different from Computer Science (Subject point-of-view). 

That’s all, most of his Questions are cleared.  He understood easily, the variation between each Topics (Statements and Control Statements; Arrays and Structures). 

As his understanding the Subject was fast, we have completed the Classes in less number of Days.




After completion of my MCA Study, I became a Lecturer for Computer Science Subject in SCh College, where I was a Student earlier during my BSc Degree Study. 

Then, our Lecturer Prof. Phaniraj became a Colleague, in the same College. 

In initial days of my Teaching carrier, he has created a ‘Best Lecturer identity’ for me, by telling about my C-Language Teaching.  It helped me a lot; and created a first impression in Students and (Teaching and Non-Teaching) Staff, in the College.  Otherwise, it might have difficult for me to get a first impression (Lecturer), in Students; being a Physically Challenged Person. 



Kudos to great Lecturers

Prof. Madhavi Lata N and Prof. Phaniraj K V.