Tuesday, November 10, 2020

A Story : Now, my AADHAAR is in my Mother-tongue TELUGU language.

November 2020

My Mother-tongue is TELUGU

As I am living in Bengaluru since long time, I have applied for AADHAAR in Bengaluru.  Due to that, I got my AADHAAR is in KANNADA and ENGLISH languages.

Recently, I have approached UIDAI; and requested for having my AADHAAR is in my Mother-tongue TELUGU language.  At the same time, I have given explanation about the benefits of having AADHAAR is in People's 'Mother-tongue or well known (to SPEAK/READ/WRITE)' language.  UIDAI has approved my request.  Then, my AADHAAR is got updated (in September 2020) to my Mother-tongue TELUGU language.

Now, UIDAI is providing 'Language update' facility for all.

During this process, I have improved the quality of my AADHAAR TELUGU data with my product NIRAM LanKeys (

Kudos to UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India).

Saturday, December 21, 2019

A Story: "Education makes Wonders."

November 2002

I was a Computer Science Lecturer for Degree and PG Students at a College in Maddirala.

One day, in College, my student Shreenu said to me that he is going to stop his studies due to Financial troubles.  I said him that "Just wait.  We will find a solution.".  

Shreenu was Final year Degree student; and excellent in studies; and one of the Class-First students.  But, he was economically Poor.  

Later, I had gathered all other students in the Lab; and explained about his condition.  They said that "Sir, how much you are expecting from us to help him?".  Then, I said that "Help him by paying each person..... minimum amount as Rs.100/-.  Maximum amount is as your wish.  But remember, the Donation amount should not make any trouble for you.  And, I would try for remaining amount, from others.".  They said that "Sir, we would discuss and come to you.".  

I just thought that "Is discussion required to pay minimum amount Rs.100/-?".

By knowing all this, Staff also contributed some amount for him.  
I took Shreenu along with me; and introduced him to my Friends; and made some amount for him.  

Next day, in College, all students came to meet me; and said that "Sir, we have discussed about him.  We have asked him for few more details.  We came to know that you are meeting many People to help him.  We felt that you are taking much trouble (as a Physically Challenged Person.....) to help him.  He is our classmate.  So, we would like to take it as a responsibility.  We would help him.  For that, we would like to pay each person minimum Rs.500/-.  He is the only one person in our Class, who needs our help.  So, we can manage the amount.".  
Then, I said that "Wonderful...!  His Financial issue is resolved completely.". 

Staff and Principal have appreciated about their decision.
Because, our Students took a decision that is beyond our expectations.   
This News appeared in our College Notice Board.  

Finally, Shreenu had completed his Final year studies with his classmates help.  

Within few months, Shreenu got a job; and he is very happy now.  


In 2012, as a Founder of NIRAM, I have started NIRAM FOUNDATION (  We are doing social welfare activities.  I have shared the details (Aims/Objectives, Success Stories, etc.) in Social media.


November 2019

I have observed a Credit Rs.10,000/- to NIRAM FOUNDATION Bank Account, as Donation, by Shreenu.  I remember him, as he is in contact with me.  Then, I have contacted him to know the complete details.  
Shreenu said that "Sir, I came to know about NIRAM FOUNDATION Success Stories.  So, I have done the donation for People Welfare.  I would like to do much more in future.".  
Then, I said that "Wonderful...!  All the Best...!".  

'Shreenu Return-Gift for Society' is excellent.   

Kudos to my Student Mr. Srinivasa Rao Y.